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Q 1 How easy is it to join MeagTraffic4u?
Q 2 What is your refund policy?
Q 3 How can I contact you?
Q 4 Can I use the graphics on your site to promote MegaTaffic4u elsewhere?
Q 5 What kind of websites do you allow? (Do you allow adult content?)
Q 6 Do you allow the use of languages other than English?
Q 7 What are your terms and conditions?
Q 8 Is Megatraffic4u a paid to surf Program?
Q 9 Can I earn money as a free member?
Q 10 How much is referral commissions for a Paid member?
Q 11 I'd like to upgrade. What is the minimum I have to pay?
Q 12 What types of payment do you accept?
Q 13 Can I have more than one account per IP Address household?
Q 14 What about the risk?
Q 15 What if I have more questions?

Extremely! There are no lengthy forms to complete, no complicated instructions and through the power of automation you don't even have to wait for your account to be approved!

Megatraffic4u sells advertising so therefore you are purchasing advertising. Our Advertising Portal instantly credits your account with advertising credits for use in advertising your venture. Therefore there are no refunds of the purchase of any product on our site


Our contact information can be found in the members area "support" link.


Take what you like just as long as it is for mutually beneficial purposes. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more detailed information containing to advertising our site.

NO ADULT CONTENT. NO HATE, NO WAREZ, NOTHING ILLEGAL, NOTHING ILLICIT, NOTHING IMMORAL, NO BANNER FARMS, NO FRAME BUSTERS, AND NO POPUPS. It's common sense stuff really, but for the record we're here to promote legitimate websites only. Typically our members promote online businesses, businesses tools and business events. As long as these meet with the above guidelines and don't offend anyone then that's fine by us.Anyone caught Breaking the rules will be banned from the MT4U System without notice and will lose all credits and Megapac purchases in their account. 

A page must not use less than 90% English otherwise it may be paused or removed from the system.


Like most Traffic exchange programs we have strict rules to protect our members from cheating. MT4U is using the latest technology available on the internet that employs methods to detect cheating and will suspend any accounts without notice that fail to abide by our rules. Please do not test this policy, we want everyone to receive great advertising and earn cash back in the form of rebates from all our advertising sources and we are committed to enforcing our rules without fail to anyone trying to cheat the system.

 Please take a moment to read the Terms and Conditions on our site located in the top right corner of this page.

No We are a traffic exchange...

Yes, free members earn 10% referral commissions when they refer someone to MT4U that purchases MegaPacs within the company. Please remember that all free members must use the first $10 earned in the MT4U system to purchase MegaPacs.

Free members will not be eligible for rollover commissions described below.

Pro Members

MT4U's Referral program is a MLM style referral program, and is programed to pay up to an amazing 25% referral commissions to participating Pro-Members on New MegaPac Purchases 4 levels deep.

1st Level 10%

2nd Level 5%

3rd Level 3%

4th Level 2% 

But it does not stop there.




At MT4U, we truly believe in rewarding the most active members in MT4U's Network. To Achieve Mega member status, Refer 100 active Pro Members to MT4U through your referral link at MT4U and receive,


1st Level 15%

2nd Level 5%

3rd Level 3%

4th Level 2%


Currently you can buy Advertising Credits  for as little as $10..Currenttly the limit is set to $20 on any one purchase. This will allow you pro member status were you will recieve 2to1 surfing ratio and other benifits..


We do not accept Paypal. Our payment processors are as follows; Alertpay, Solid Trust, Strict Pay and Liberty Reserve.

Yes, Each IP address is allowed two (2) accounts. However these accounts can not refer each other into the MT4U Traffic Portal.

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT Anyone trying to cheat the system can and will be terminated from the system resulting in loss of all credits and funds without notice.

MegaTraffic4u is not an investment program it is a traffic exchange program that shares its  Outside Income with the members that have purchased 10 or more MegaPacs. We also encourage all our members to never spend more than they can afford to lose.


Send a support ticket from within the member area. You can also use our forum or download ourMT4U Tool Bar and ask in the chat room.